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                Shandong Yingcai University was founded in 1998 in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. As a degree-offering higher education institution (HEI) officially approved and fully qualified by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE), Yingcai is one of the largest private universities of China, staying No. 1 in the Comprehensive Private University Ranking, and the only institution consistently remaining Top 3 in the Private HEI Ranking for 7 years running. With dozens of valuable national awards, it is a distinguished flagship and role model in the private education sector. As a National Afforestation Pioneer and Garden Site, the University spans 270 acres (1,094,000 sq.m) across 2 beautiful campuses, with 550,000 square metres of floor area and a green coverage ratio of 65%.

                Yingcai has the biggest scale of student body and fresher admissions among all private HEIs in the country. It hosts in residence nearly 40,000 full time university students from more than 200 cities of 28 provinces, and recruits ~11,000 students each year. For all 20 years since its establishment, Yingcai has been fulfilling its admissions quota as the students' first choice only, where the highest entrance score exceeds the national Tier A undergraduate admissions standard by some 60 marks. Such popularity was unaffected by the recent raise in tuition fee by 1/3, reflecting the market's favourable brand appreciation and the University's excellent market control.

                The University embraces a comprehensive scope of academic subjects, with 11 Schools offering 30 undergraduate and 40 diploma courses. Featured courses include early childhood education, nursing, elderly services and health management, computer sciences and IT, foreign languages and international studies, economics and business, art design, information engineering, machinery manufacturing and automation, architecture, and automobile engineering.

                Yingcai's management board receives wide recognition from the government and the general public, core members serving as, for instance, national committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, executive committee member of All-China Women's Federation, deputy chair of the National Private Education Association, provincial representative and deputy chair of Education Division of the People's Congress, deputy chair of provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and consultant for official think tanks, many receiving Governmental Special Stipend of the State Council.

                In terms of intrinsic development, Yingcai prevails by its high quality and solid provision of educational resources. Faculties are honoured with unparalleled national awards, outperforming many state-owned counterparts with a history longer by decades. The school of early childhood education, as an example, is distinguished by its National-level Choicest HE Course, National-level Distinguished Teaching Expert, National-level Renowned High-end Teaching Expert with Special Stipend, National-level Undergraduate Teaching Team, National-level Experimental Virtual Simulation Project, and National-level Demonstrative Experimental and Practical Teaching Centre, the only of the country. Among 1,031 full-time teaching staff, 342 are professors and associate professors, and 55% teachers have corresponding technical qualifications. The University currently undertakes 28 research projects for the National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, National Education Science Strategy Foundation, MoE Humanity and Social Science Foundation, as well as nearly 100 key provincial projects, contributing to policy making.

                Yingcai sees as one of its key success factors the seamless integration of classic higher education and career-oriented practical training. Students are widely recognized by their hands-on performance on the job and are typically booked up by employers by the penultimate year, with a total employment rate above 95%, reaching 100% for a few majors. Through in-depth and characteristic cooperation with corporate, Yingcai was acknowledged by the MoE in 2013 as the only private university of the country among "Top 50 National HEIs in Graduate Employment". In an official survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics, Yingcai ranks No. 1 in employer satisfaction among all degree-offering institutions across provinces. Yingcai is the MoE's only private National Practical and Innovative Incubator in 2016, and the only private university among "Top 50 National HEIs in Innovation and Entrepreneurship". Yingcai is recognised by IFC of the World Bank as its Inclusive Business Partner.

                Yingcai observes an active agenda on international collaboration. Besides articulation programmes with Stony Brook University, Illinois Institute of Technology etc. through AISEC system of China Scholarship Council, Yingcai has also established ongoing collaborations with Queen's University Belfast, University of Adelaide, Birmingham City University, University of North Texas etc., including student programmes at the doctoral, masters and undergraduate levels, covering 14 majors. Post-graduation projects with partner institutions in the USA and Singapore provide students with internship and employment opportunities. In recent years, Yingcai has sent abroad hundreds of teachers for research collaboration, academic conferences and further education, while welcoming dozens of foreign scholars to teach or research on site.

                Beyond higher education, the University has had footprints in high school, polytechnic, vocational school, certification, early childhood education, HR services, IT, logistics, education research institute, as well as through JV a kindergarten chain of more than 300 branches.


                International Cooperation

                • Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi University in Thailand
                  Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi
                • Preprimary Education Won the Good Performance in Competition
                  Preprimary Education Won the Good Performance
                • The Library Integrates Services into the Classroom
                  The Library Integrates Services into the Clas
                • Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for Prospering the People and Promoting Shandong Province”
                  Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for


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